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2021-1-20 Various Bible Translations: What is meant by, "word for word" versus "thought for thought" when speaking of the various translations of the Bible?
2021-1-20 Handling Thoughtless People: How would Jesus handle really thoughtless people with whom you have to continually interact?
2021-1-20 New & Old Testament Comment: Caller comments on Bible study and relates the New to the Old Testament, and how one helps each to understand the other.
2021-1-20 Home Church Fellowship & Community: I am not sure how to think about going back to the more traditional church, as this time of community meetings seems better. Before we tolerated sinfulness in the church, but now we interact more. Can you help? [Matthew 13:24-30, Matthew 18:17, I Corinthians 5:12-13].
2021-1-20 Amillennial & Post-Millennial: Could you clarify the different reasons for adhering to Amillennialism and Post-Millennialism, and who are the best advocates for both? [2 Thessalonians 1, Revelation 20].
2021-1-20 State Over the Savior: What do you think about a global church who worships the state over the Savior?
2021-1-19 Destruction of 70 AD Inevitable: Could the people have repented or was 70 AD an inevitable judgment? [John 5:46, Matthew 23:32].
2021-1-19 Unless You Repent, You Will Perish: Was the scripture saying, "unless you repent, you will perish", about 70 AD or going to hell? [Luke 13:3, John 9:1].
2021-1-19 Purpose of Speaking in Tongues: What is the use of speaking in tongues? [I Corinthians 14:22, Romans 8:26, Jude].
2021-1-19 The Canaanites, Jerusalem & Israel: If Jerusalem was conquered in Joshua's day, then why did David have to later conquer them again. [Joshua 12:7-10].
2021-1-19 Satan Bound: Could you clear up the idea that Satan is, or isn't, bound now? [Matthew 12:29, Hebrews 2:15, Colossians 2:15, I Peter 5:8, Revelation 20:3].
2021-1-19 Art for God: If you were an artist, what would you create to please God?
2021-1-19 Book Recommendation: What is the name of that book you recommended about lies? ("Live Not by Lies", by Rod Dreher).
2021-1-19 Devil Licking the Dust: Since Genesis said that the Devil will lick dust, does it means he will eat us (since we are dust)? [Genesis 3:14].
2021-1-19 Bearing Fruit: When scripture indicates that we are to "bear fruit", is it really talking about justice, righteousness and mercy? [Isaiah 5:7, Genesis 1:28, Matthew 7:19, Galatians].
2021-1-19 Higher or Lower Than Angels: Are we a little lower than angels according to scripture? [Hebrews 2:9, Hebrews 1:14].
2021-1-19 Christians Bound by the Law: Are today's Christians bound by the Old Testament Laws, if so, why? [Hebrews 8:13, Luke 16:16, Matthew 5:20].
2021-1-19 Buying Steve's Books: Any advice, as I am having trouble buying multiple copies of your book?
2021-1-19 Compromised Writers of Worship Music: As a worship leader, I have learned some negative things about some of those that write and perform songs I have used before, any advice on helping me decide if I should use them anymore?
2021-1-18 The Name Under Which We Should be Baptized: Since the name is in the singular form, is there one particular name of God we should know and be baptized ? [Acts 2:38, Acts 8:16, Acts 19:5, I Corinthians 1:12, Matthew 28:19, Colossians 2:9].
2021-1-18 What Happens After Death: Could you help me understand more about our deaths, the judgment, and our resurrection? What happens to both believers and unbelievers? [Revelation 6:11, Revelation 20:4, 2 Corinthians 5:8, Matthew 25:41, Revelation 20:12-15].
2021-1-18 Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security): If someone was once a believer, but does gets caught up in sin and does terrible things, can he be regenerated again, or does he lose his salvation? [John 15, I John 5:11-12, Romans 11:22, I Corinthians 9:27].
2021-1-18 The Glory Experienced in Near-death Experiences: In view of the fact the glory to come has not yet been revealed, what do you think about the many reports of near-death experiences? [Romans 8:18, I Peter 5:10, I Peter 4:13-14, 2 Corinthians 3:18, I John 3:2-3, Colossians 3:4, I Corinthians 15:43, Revelation 20-21].
2021-1-18 Doubting God (incomplete call): Incomplete call, but Steve briefly talks about the need to believe God, not worry. and there being no evidence of real Biblical contradictions.
2021-1-18 Same God (Allah) for Muslims & Christians: What do you think of this premise; the God that Christians pray to, is the same God that Muslims pray to? [John 8:54].
2021-1-18 Steve Gregg in Danger of Not being Saved: Caller expresses concern because he thinks Steve is in danger of losing his salvation and is taking away from the book of the Revelation.
2021-1-15 Living too Casual a Christian Life: Can you help me sort out the criticism I receive regarding living too casual a life as a believer? [Proverbs 28:26, 2 Samuel 5:19].
2021-1-15 Modern Prophets & Prophecies Regarding the Election: What do you think about all the modern prophets and prophecies regarding the elections?
2021-1-15 Continually Praying: Is it a poor choice of words to use "continually" regarding prayer? [I Thessalonians 5:17, Romans 1:9, Luke 18:1].
2021-1-15 Jesus Movement: Could you talk about the Jesus Movement of the late 60s and early 70s?
2021-1-15 Best Gospel to Grasp for Beginners: Which is the best gospel for beginners to grasp (Rec: Gospel of Matthew)?
2021-1-15 Speaking in Tongues: Could you explain "speaking in tongues", now as opposed to Pentecost? [Acts 2, Acts 10, Acts 19, I Corinthians 14:22, I Corinthians 14:2-5, I Corinthians 14:26-28].
2021-1-15 Benefits for a Believer Listed in Psalms: Are the benefits for believers mentioned in Psalm 103, still applicable to believers today? [Psalm 103:2-14].
2021-1-15 Not Taking Action as Believers in Current Events: How can God forgive us for neglecting the truth and not taking action against the evil actions in current events-in the political maneuverings and human trafficking, etc.?
2021-1-15 Separation of Church & State: Has not the phrase "separation of church and state" been misused?
2021-1-14 Critical Nature-Blessing or Curse: Can you help me sort out the blessing and curse of having a critical nature? [Ephesians 4:15, Revelation 2-3].
2021-1-14 Worship Music & Song: What do you think about a lot of the current worship bands, music and songs, coming out now? It seems rather self-centered. [James 1:17].
2021-1-14 Demon Exorcism: Do you think that a new technique using iron to help exorcised of demons? [Matthew 17:19, Ephesians 4:26-27, 2 Corinthians 2:11].
2021-1-14 Prayer & Laying on Hands: Is praying for someone in another room, just as effective as laying on hands? [Acts 19:12].
2021-1-14 Literal Prophecy Fulfilled at Second Coming: If hundreds of prophecies were literally fulfilled when Jesus first came, why would some doubt the literal fulfillment of prophecy about His second coming? [Matthew 2, Isaiah 9, Hosea 11:1, Isaiah 66:7-8, Daniel 12, Revelation 12, Ephesians 2:15].
2021-1-14 Yahweh & Elohim: What is the difference between Yahweh and Elohim? [Genesis 1:1].
2021-1-14 Various Translations of the Bible: What are the differences between the various translations and which do you think the best for beginners?
2021-1-14 Christian's & Life Insurance: What is the Christians position on having life and other insurances?
2021-1-13 Satan Defeated at the Cross: If Satan was defeated at the cross then why did Paul say we wrestle against principalities in heavenly places? [Revelation 12:10, Luke, Ephesians 6:12, John 12:31, I John 3:8].
2021-1-13 The Gatekeeper: Who is the gatekeeper in scripture? [John 10:3].
2021-1-13 Founding Fathers-Deists: Were the founding fathers not Christians, as I am reading that they were Deists?
2021-1-13 Cremation: Can you still go to heaven if you are cremated?
2021-1-13 Can't Recall Scripture: As a mixed martial arts competitor, I suffered some head injury and cannot remember scripture, what should I do? [Psalm 119:11, Matthew 6:21].
2021-1-13 Founding Fathers-Deists: Caller shares a resource from David Barton, "Building on the American Heritage", that denies that the founding fathers were Deists.
2021-1-13 Liberty Bell Scripture: What was the scripture on the liberty bell? [Leviticus 25:10].