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2014-4-10 Earthly Father gives perception of God the Father: Picturing God as a Father of love, compassion, might be hard for someone who had a earthly father who was harsh.
2014-4-10 Faith & Reason/Logic: Is it really faith when you just come to a certain conclusion because there seems to be no other conclusion?
2014-4-09 Healing & Atonement: Caller explains about his son's disabilities, the caller's experiences learning about healing, going to meetings about them, but he has learned that he just needs to trust God, if He heals or doesn't heal his son. [Isaiah 53:5-6]
2014-4-09 Anti-Christ: What are your thoughts on the Anti-Christ?
2014-4-09 Judging Angels: What does it mean that we will be judging angels? [1 Corinthians 6:3]
2014-4-09 Parable of the Unjust Steward: Can you explain this Parable about the Unjust Steward, but especially explain verse 8? What is the point of the parable? [Luke 16:1-8]
2014-4-09 Casting Satan to Earth: Why did God cast Satan to planet Earth right where human beings were going to be?
2014-4-09 Even us, whom He had called: How come when you read this passage, which is being quoted from Hosea, you don't see it the same way I do, which is the 10 tribes of Israel? [Romans 9:22-26]
2014-4-08 Grounds for Divorce: Is Emotional Abuse grounds for Divorce?
2014-4-08 Kabbalah & the movie, "Noah": What is this Kabbalah Jewish manuscript you were talking about regarding the movie, "Noah"?
2014-4-08 John Calvin & Michael Servetus: Why did John Calvin have Michael Servetus burned at the stake? What is for his baptism views or the Trinity?
2014-4-08 Judgment & the Last Day: Where is the Judgment placed in the Last Day? [John 12:48, John 6:39, 40, 44, 54, 2 Timothy 4:1]
2014-4-08 Orthodox Church: Orthodox belief system is very close to the Roman Catholic church.
2014-4-08 Reconciling the world: What do these verses mean in Romans about Israel & Gentiles, the riches of the world & the reconciling of the world? [Romans 11:12, 15]
2014-4-08 Islam: If any religion is going to take over the world & be the anti-Christ, it sure seems like it's going to be Islam religion.
2014-4-08 One World Religion: Do we know what the One World Religion will be? I heard it was the New Age Movement.
2014-4-08 Bible Contradiction: Matthew quotes from Jeremiah that 30 pieces of Silver would be used to betray Jesus, but it's actually from Zechariah 11. [Matthew 27:9, Zechariah 11]
2014-4-08 The Jefferson Lies by David Barton This is a followup call to calls about Thomas Jefferson.
2014-4-08 Many are Called, Few are Chosen: How come ALL aren't called, only MANY? [Matthew 22:14]
2014-4-07 Greater Works: What about the passage of Scripture that says Jesus' Apostles would be able to do GREATER works that Him? [john 14:12]
2014-4-07 Jesus & Paul differing on Original Sin: Did Jesus teach that we were almost divine, that we were basically good? But Paul taught that we were very evil? [Mark 7:20, Romans 3:10-18, Romans 5:12-21]
2014-4-07 Paul: Did Paul corrupt the gospel Jesus taught?
2014-4-07 144,000 & Gregory A. Boyd: Did you ever hear anything about the 144,000 being a (spiritual) army? That's what Gregory Boyd thinks.
2014-4-07 Jesus Fighting Satan for the Keys: I've heard that during the 3 days of the death of Christ, that He fought w/ the Devil to get the Keys of Death & Hades. Is this true? [Psalm 16, Revelation 1:18 , Hebrews 2:14]
2014-4-07 David taking a Census: Why was God angry with David for taking a census? [2 Samuel 24:1]
2014-4-07 People in Heaven: Would God rather have people in heaven of their own volition or aborted babies in Heaven?
2014-4-07 Thomas Jefferson: Discussion about caller's disagreement w/ Steve over Thomas Jefferson not being a Christian.
2014-4-07 Forcing people to go to Church: Where does it say in the Bible that we should not force people to go to church, especially children? [Ephesians 6:4, Proverbs 22:6]
2014-4-07 Getting Political: Right as the caller was hanging up, he quipped, "Don't get political on your show", & Steve spent a few minutes talking about politics.
2014-4-07 Fallen Angels, Jude & Genesis: Is there a connection between Jude & Genesis regarding the Fallen Angels? [Genesis 6:1-4, Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]
2014-4-07 The new movie, "Noah": Are the "watchers" that were in the new movie, "Noah", biblical? (They talk about it for awhile, the 2nd question is asked, then they come back to this.)
2014-4-04 Augustine & Amillennialism: Is it true Amillennialism was influenced by Augustine?
2014-4-04 Calvinism: So we have no record of Calvinism pre-Augustine?
2014-4-04 Super-star Steve Gregg: Have you ever thought of becoming a superstar TV Preacher like a Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer?
2014-4-04 Paul talking about the Resurrection: Can you please tell me what Paul is talking about regarding the Resurrection? [1 Corinthians 15:20-28]
2014-4-04 Modern Translations of the Bible: Caller was agreeing w/ most of what a speaker was saying, but then he went completely out in leftfield. A friend told him it was because he changed a few of the words, the meaning of them, & why is that happening w/ modern Bible Translations?
2014-4-04 A Morsel or a Meal: It's awesome that we can call you with a question, & get sprinkled w/ information or can dive into the ocean w/ your lectures.
2014-4-04 Olivet Discourse - End of the Age: What did the Disciples mean when they asked, "End of the Age"? The end of the world, Jesus' Second coming? [Matthew 24:3]
2014-4-04 Mental Illness or Demon-Possession: How do you know if someone is Demon-Possessed or if it's Mental Illness?
2014-4-03 7th Seal: Is the 7th Seal referring to the end of the world? [Revelation 8-11]
2014-4-03 The Rapture of the Church: So when Jesus come back, He's going to Rapture the entire church, right? [John 17:15]
2014-4-03 Discipleship & Obedience: We need to become a Disciple of Christ when we become Christians, is that not right, but some just want to make sure they stay out of hell, but shouldn't we be craving to learn about Jesus as much as can, & do anything He asks? Isn't a major part of Discipleship making more disciples of Christ? Why such a minority of people wanting to do that?
2014-4-03 Extravagancy: What if we are living way more luxurious than we should, instead of giving to missions? [Romans 14:4]
2014-4-03 Jesus Emptying Himself: What does it mean that Jesus emptied Himself & became a humble Servant? [Philippians 2:7]
2014-4-03 Conditional Immortality: He that is dead is justified from his sin, from what you gave in someone's answer about hell, you seemed to have changed your position a little bit. Is that true? [Romans 6:7]
2014-4-03 Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa seemed a little harsh to someone witnessing to a person on their deathbed.
2014-4-03 NIV: Able to learn much easier from the NIV, so it is profitable to use.
2014-4-03 Shall Not See Death: When Jesus said some people listening to Him would not taste death until they saw Him coming in glory, some say that is talking about the Transfiguration. Is that what He was talking about? Matthew 16:28, Matthew 17:1-13]
2014-4-03 The Dark Night of the Soul: Is the Dark Night of the Soul biblical or just anecdotal?
2014-4-02 Concerning the Election: What then is your view about Romans 11:28 where Paul seems to make a distinction between ethical Israel & this supposed spiritual Israel that you say Romans 11 is talking about? [Romans 11:28, Galatians 3:28]