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2015-2-05 Word Usage Questions (Predicted - Prophesy): Is there a difference between Predictions & Prophesy?
2015-2-05 Word Usage Questions (Thief): Was the thief on the cross executed for just petty theft or does the word "thief" have a deeper meaning than that?
2015-2-05 Lake of Fire & the Devil & Angels: If God just made the Devil as a "tester" as Steve surmises, why would God then punish him for doing what he was created for?
2015-2-04 Bible Interpretation in Proverbs: Caller wondering if Steve can extrapolate on what Proverbs 30:21-23 means. [Proverbs 30:21-23]
2015-2-04 Good Trees Bearing Bad Fruit: So then even if we are good trees, occasionally we'll producing bad fruit, right?
2015-2-04 Holiness Movement - Perfection: Perfected by love so much that there'll be NO desire to sin at all EVER even on this side of glory; "Entire Sanctification".
2015-2-04 Spiritual Discernment - Judging: Aren't we as Christians supposed to judge one another? [1 Corinthians 2:15, Matthew 7:1, John 7:24]
2015-2-04 Day, Earth & Land: Why is "Day" capitalized in Luke? Is there a reason they chose the word "earth" instead of "land"? [Luke 21:34-36]
2015-2-04 Women not qualified for remarriage: Caller's brother is going around telling their mom that she needs to divorce their stepdad or she's committing adultery, & he might be saying the same thing about her.
2015-2-03 Body, Soul & Spirit & the Devil: Is it possible, since the Devil is a spirit, that God can't "destroy" him, so that's why he, the beast & the false prophet will be tormented all day & night for eternity? [Matthew 10:28 Revelation 20:10]
2015-2-03 2 Different Creations: Are there 2 different creations in Genesis since it seems to be saying different things about it? [Genesis 1, Genesis 2]
2015-2-03 The word, "Forever": Caller has a comment about the word, "forever".
2015-2-03 Virgin Birth: The Virgin Birth story seems to be similar to other stories of leaders who were heroic, doesn't it?
2015-2-03 Dispensationalism - Ethnic Israel: Is it true people don't have a true understanding of what or who Israel is, that that's why Dispensationalism is flourishing so much?
2015-2-03 King David's Concubines: Did David have concubines & if he did, isn't that adultery? How come he's not considered an adulterous?
2015-2-03 Meaning of Words & Interpreting Scripture: What's the benefit in saying that some words & verses don't mean what they normally would in the English language?
2015-2-02 Grace & Works: At what point do you think grace is overridden by failing to do a specific work, if at all?
2015-2-02 Calvinism - Election: Even though Paul was quoting from the Old Testament passages that were talking about nations, Paul was talking about individuals, wasn't he?
2015-2-02 Adulterous Pastor: What should I do if I think a pastor is committing adultery?
2015-2-02 The Loosing of Satan: Why would we want to loose Satan after he is bound up? [Revelation 20:1-3]
2015-2-02 Eternal Security: Caller wants to point out that passages about Eternal Security stand out by themselves, "proving" it, that you don't need other scripture to prove it.
2015-2-02 Infant Baptism: In trying to make a case, a defense for "infant Baptism, the Jailer & Lydia, after they got baptized, went & had their whole household baptized, including possibly infants. [Acts 16:14-15, 33]
2015-1-30 Overcome with Doubt: Sometimes I have doubts about God really existing, Jesus existing. How do I overcome that?
2015-1-30 "And this Word": What does "this word" mean in Hebrews? Isn't this book talking about Jesus, & don't forget about Moses & the Law, but that Jesus is SO much better? Why is he referring to Haggai? [Hebrews 12:27, Haggai 2:6]
2015-1-30 The Law of the Atonement: The 2 Goats, one for Lord, one was as the Scapegoat. But what is "Azazel" (in the Hebrew)? [Leviticus 16:6-10]
2015-1-30 Peter & Vision of Unclean Animals: Caller thought the vision of the unclean animals Peter had was just talking about animals & diet, but it was talking about people. [Acts 10, 11]
2015-1-30 Faith in America: Caller thinks has a theory on why so many people are having trouble with their faith in America & thinks he has the remedy for it.
2015-1-30 The Book of Revelation: I have a friend I debate with, sharing with him partial preterism, but he's suggesting I'm adding or taking from the book of Revelation. [Revelation 22:19]
2015-1-30 Recognizing Relatives in Heaven: Will we know our relatives in Heaven? What age will be appear there? Will we be speaking the same language?
2015-1-30 Rick Warren & Islam: Has Steve heard anything about Rick Warren trying to merge Islam with Christianity?
2015-1-30 Rick Warren: Caller wanted to say that he personally knows Rick Warren, & knows that he is a very reputable man, & isn't trying to merge Islam with Christianity.
2015-1-29 Gospel of the Kingdom vs Grace: Is the gospel of the Kingdom of God the same as the gospel of Grace?
2015-1-29 Kingdom of God & the Millennium: Is the Kingdom of God & the Millennium Related?
2015-1-29 Eternal Security: People could become complacent with eternal security, but caller has been studying the Bible in that prism, & don't you get credit by not believing it?
2015-1-29 Falling Away: Steve & others don't understand how people can fall away, BUT the caller wants to explain how it's possible.
2015-1-29 Great White Throne Judgment: Are Christians going to be in the Great White Throne Judgment also?
2015-1-29 The Soul being Eternal: What does it mean the soul is eternal/immortal?
2015-1-29 The Parousia (Full Preterism): Caller has been reading the book, "Parousia" by J Stuart Russell, & that there was a "dead zone" after 70 AD, & people were resurrected/raptured then.
2015-1-29 Judge not: People at church tell me, who I am to judge, citing a verse in Matthew? What do you say? [Matthew 7:1, John 7:24]
2015-1-28 Jesus' lineage being of David: Joseph lineage was full of sinners, & he wasn't really Jesus' biological father, so Jesus is just the seed of David by faith? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]
2015-1-28 Addicted to Narcotics: How do I break the addiction of prescription drugs? I've tried everything!
2015-1-28 Eternal Security: What about verses in John that seem to endorse eternal security? [John 10:28, 6:37]
2015-1-28 Sanctification & Age of Accountability: How does a person who dies young who gets to go heaven not have to go through the process of sanctification?
2015-1-28 Gifts with Attachments: I gave money as an incentive for grandchildren to read a book, & the parents didn't think I should add attachments to a gift.
2015-1-28 Becoming Sinless: Can we become sinless?
2015-1-28 Jesus as a Child: Was Jesus aware of who He was when He was a kid (younger than 12)?
2015-1-28 Mary's Conception: Was Jesus any part of Mary? Did God just use Mary's womb as an incubator?
2015-1-28 Jesus was conceived with immortality: Jesus was immortal, no death in Him. He wasn't capable of sinning, apparently. A caller has all kinds of ideas about Jesus while a Man.
2015-1-28 World Events: The world seems to be getting worse & worse, & prophecy seems to be fulfilling itself, doesn't Steve agree?
2015-1-27 Continually Repenting: Some say you don't have to repent from sins, but from unbelief & that we don't have to keep repenting once you are saved.