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2016-7-26 Sundry Times & Diverse So we are all done w/ prophets & people having visions, etc., because Jesus was the last & ultimate Prophet?
2016-7-26 Marian Apparitions: What is Steve's opinion of Marian Apparitions?f
2016-7-26 2 Peter Authoroship Caller heard that 2 Peter wasn't written by Peter. Is that true?
2016-7-26 Mark first Gospel & Plagiarized from: Was Mark the first gospel written, & everyone else "plagiarized" from his gospel?
2016-7-25 Salvation from Man's Perspective: Is there any warrant in saying these verses apply to man's perspective of salvation? [John 1:12, Acts 16:31, Acts 13:48, Titus 2:14, Luke 15:8-32]
2016-7-25 Sincere Believers in wrong Faith: Sincere believers in the wrong faith will be viewed by God how?
2016-7-25 Touching Jesus & not Touching Jesus: Why did Jesus say not to touch Him in one instance and then had someone touch Him in another? [john 20:17, John 20:27]
2016-7-25 Only Elect Being Saved: So if you are not elect you are just doomed to hell, no chance for you? What is the point of God creating you if you aren't going to glorify Him? (God's Soveriegnty & Man's Salvation lecture recommended)
2016-7-22 Sincerity is What Matters: Ssome say it doesn't matter if you are Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, or anything, as long as you are sincere. What say you?
2016-7-22 Saving America: in view of the current situation our country, what can we do to save America?
2016-7-22 Ashes to Ashes: Why is it that you hear "ashes to ashes & dust to dust", where does that come from?
2016-7-22 Dead to the Law Through the Law: What is Paul saying here, "dead to the Law through the law"? [Galatians 2:19, Romans 7:9]
2016-7-22 Light before the Sun during Creation: What was the light before the Sun was made, & what about the vegetation on the 3rd day? and the earth is flat, caller believes.
2016-7-22 Christians Voting: What is our responsibility in voting as Christians, especially of candidates who aren't very good?
2016-7-22 Jacob have I loved, Esau have I Hated: "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated", I've always been troubled with that passage of scripture [Malachi 1:2-3, Romans 9:13, Genesis 29:30-31]
2016-7-21 Remedy Paraphrase Bible: What is Steve's opinion on the new "Remedy" paraphrased Bible?
2016-7-21 Sola Scriptura What is Steve's opinion on "sola scriptura"?
2016-7-21 Atonement for your Lives: How come the rich don't have to pay more & the poor less, & you can buy atonement & what is atonement?
2016-7-21 The Sincere Believer & the Calvinist: Does the Calvinist View say that if somebody called upon Jesus who's name was not written in the book of life, that Jesus wouldn't answer Him, or would they say they would never knock on the door in the first place?
2016-7-21 Christian Church Established: When did the church begin> At Pentecost? [Matthew 16, Matthew 18, Acts 2]
2016-7-21 Holy Spirit in Charge of the Church or Jesus the Head: Is the Holy Spirit is in charge of the church? Isn't Jesus the head of the church?
2016-7-21 Tithing: So you don't think tithing is any longer biblical?
2016-7-21 Meaning of a Passage in Isaiah: Can you please give some insight into this passage of Scripture in Isaiah? [Isaiah 8:18-20]
2016-7-20 Ignatius' & Calvinism: There's a discussion going on that there was no Calvinism before Augustine & none of the church fathers did, but Calvinists try to say that Ignatius' writings indicated that he did.
2016-7-20 Baptism Essential for Salvation: You HAVE to be baptized in order to obtain eternal life, is this true? [Mark 16:16, John 3:5]
2016-7-20 Baptism Symbolic: I thought Baptism was just symbolic? Yeah, we need to obey, but I thought it was just symbolic? Do I need to get baptized again?
2016-7-20 Gates of Hell not Prevailing Against the Church: The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church, so the catholic church thinks this applies to them because they been around since the apostles time & the Protestant Church hasn't, they say. What do you think about this?
2016-7-20 Re-baptism: Should I get re-baptized? Presbyterianism seems to think that'd be rejecting your original baptism & denying Jesus' blood?
2016-7-20 Elder Quaiications & Accountable to Who?: Qalifications for being elder, who are they accountable to? [1 Timothy 3, 1 Timothy 5:22-25]
2016-7-19 70 AD or the Second Coming of Jesus: Is Matthew 24:14 referring to 70 AD or or the end of the world, Jesus second coming? [Matthew 24:14, Colossians 1:6]
2016-7-19 Steve Gregg's Spiritual Life: What is Steve's spiritual life like? To whom does he pray? [1 John 1:6-7]
2016-7-19 God's Foreknowledge & Predestination: Can you talk about God's foreknowledge & who He predestinated, & do you have any lectures that speak on the issue? (recommends, "God's Soveriegnty & Man's Salvation".) [Romans 8:28-29]
2016-7-19 Full Preterism Heretical: Do you consider the hyper-preterist (full preterism) view heretical?
2016-7-19 Christian Band Music: Are you familiar with the Band from the 70s by the name of “Free Fair" (Fare?)?
2016-7-18 Reptence & It's Importance to Salvation: what is repentance & how essential is it to salvation? (A lot of techinical issues throughout this show.)
2016-7-18 King James Version of the Bible, but older Texts: So there are older texts that were discovered after the King James Version of the Bible was written?
2016-7-18 Bart Ehrman & Daniel Wallace Questioning the Christian Faith: Have you heard the debates Bart Ehrman/Daniel Wallace had, questioning the Christian faith & how valid they are?
2016-7-18 The Catholic Church, the Pope Succession, & other Apostles: When did the Catholic Church start saying that Peter was the first pope, & that he had successors of popes after? Do they have successors for the other apostles?
2016-7-18 The Lost Sheep of Israel: What did Jesus mean by "the lost sheep of Israel"? [Matthew 15:24]
2016-7-15 Sinful Acts & Holy Acts: Can you tell me aboout sin, sinful behavior & actions, compromise of one’s commitment & personal holiness?
2016-7-15 Repentant for Sin: HGow do i deal with sinning every day, repeating the same behavior, even after i have conviction about it?
2016-7-15 Satan Reading our Mind: Does Satan know our inner thoughts?
2016-7-15 Soul, Spirit & the Heart: Are the Soul, Spirit & Heart all the same?
2016-7-15 Jesus not Healing Everybody: How come Jesus didn't heal everyone that He saw when He was here? Isn't Calvinism parallel to that, only selecting some to heal, some to save?
2016-7-15 Original Sin, Sinful Nature & Universalism: Caller has been listaening to a person who doesn't believe in original sin & that universalism is false, but that some people who follow Christ don't have a sinful nature. What does Steve think? [Romans 5:12-21]
2016-7-15 390 & 40 Years: What does the 390 years & 40 years, for a total of 430 years mean> What did it ever fulfill, laying on left side & right side? [Ezekiel 4:1-6]
2016-7-15 Bound on Earth, Bound in Heaven: What is meant by what Jesus said about what His disciples about what is bound on earth will be obound in heaven, & what is loosed on earth will be loosed in heaven>
2016-7-15 Questioning the Traditional View of Hell: I've read your book on "all you want to know about hell, 3 Christian views" & am an annhilationist myself, but what is your official viewf? Revelation 20:14]
2016-7-14 Doubting the Inerrancy of Scripture: Can a person who doubts the inerrancy of Scripture be a true Christian?
2016-7-14 Martin Luther & Once Saved Always Saved: Martin Luther didn't believe once saved always saved, though it would be hard to lose your salvation.